Even though the Glock pistol is very simple in nature, that doesn’t mean it is simple in all aspects. Recently, I put together a Glock 19 frame, using a parts kit meant for a Glock 17. As soon as I hit the slide lock spring, I stopped short. Being a large frame guy, this was the first 19 I had put together from scratch, and I didn’t realize that there was a difference.

Being somewhat inventive, I chopped the spring down and did a little bending. It fit like a glove!

So I thought.

I dropped the rest of the parts in, built up a sweet trigger setup using the Ranger Proof Swag EDGE shoe. On top of it all I put a brand new Zaffiri slide with a Faxon barrel. It was a hell of a looker and I was very happy. When I went to cycle the slide, it was stiff…. Not to worry, these were all fresh parts with cerakote and needed a little cycling. I oiled everything and hand cycled the slide multiple times. However, it didn’t loosen up any and the hood of the barrel was showing a good deal of wear.

I pulled the slide off and I cleaned the cerakote off of the locking block, thinking maybe it was messing with the tighter lock up of the barrel. I verified that the locking block was the correct unit via the part number. Everything was checking out, but once reinstalled, the slide was still dragging. I took the slide assembly off and dropped it on to my Glock 26L and hand cycled it. It ran like greased lightning.

This led me to look at my frame. This frame was a brand new unit that I had worked over by the SpaceMonkey, Rook Customs and I had no experience with it. Looking it all over, things checked out. I fitted the barrel to the frame and checked to make sure nothing was dragging or out of place, but it all checked out. I was stumped.

Putting it all back togther, I went to cycle the slide and dry fire it, then cycle it again…however when I grabbed the slide it pulled forward unlocked. The slide lock had stuck was actually sticking out of the frame….the spring I had modified was not working correctly. Curious about this, I pulled the spring and lock out, then cycled the slide.

It was smooth and even…just as it should be. I quickly went and ordered two Glock 19 slide lock springs.

Something so simple…..


Update, the new spring arrived, and it worked like a charm. This 19 is running great….except now the recoil spring needs some attention when it comes to plinking ammo and the compensator. It is all about building a weapons system….something a factory Glock gets right directly from the box.

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