Tech data

Verifying and adjusting sear engagement.

Sometimes, in some frames, the sear/cruciform to striker lug engagement is not up to spec. This can be a dangerous condition and should be rectified as soon as possible. Our triggers are meant to be installed by competent armorer’s and gunsmiths, but for educational purposes I will link to an excellent video on how these…

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Don’t be trigger stupid anymore

It is easy to look at the plethora of aftermarket triggers and be in awe of the choices. If there is a specific look you are going for, there is most likely a trigger that will meet your aesthetic demands. However, when it comes to a function standpoint, some are quite a bit different than…

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Trigger bar finish testing

I have long been curious about adding a surface treatment to the trigger bar on a Glock. Having come from a racing background, where we often looked for any possible way to reduce friction. Many times, things like bearings and gears would be sent off for various friction reducing compounds to gain any and every…

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