The TacticalPontoon Story: I never saw myself building Glock trigger systems. I picked up my first G17 and naturally being a bit of a tinkerer, I wanted to do a few upgrades. Of course, the trigger was the first thing that saw an ‘upgrade’ however that led me down a path that kept me searching for something better. I bought connectors, springs, and so many triggers and systems…..yet I was left scratching my head. There was so much money spent on marketing that the engineering of the parts themselves were lacking and I was very unsatisfied with the results. I found that so many parts were exactly the same and triggers were skin deep changes with the basic operations being the same. There had to be better and I was determined to figure out how to do it……and that led me to studying the components design and operation. I ruined quite a few parts along the way, changing things, tuning and tweaking components until they didn’t work or until I found something that worked to my standards. That led to the original Elite Marksman triggers that were featured on Tactical Toolbox. I just wanted Jonathon to check my work out and when the video hit Youtube, I was inundated with people who wanted the trigger system that impressed him like it did. Since then I have been featured on Honest Outlaw Reviews, Glockguy226, Tactical Considerations, Kodaboy Tactical, 715 Tactical, KSGunguy, The Daily Shooter, Desert Tactical and a few others. Before I knew it, I was busy building triggers that amazed people who, like me, were not satisfied with the status quo. That has led me to upgrade and redesign the work that I do to continue to push the limits. I take great pride in creating the best and nothing comes close to TacticalPontoon.

I am an avid car enthusiast, getting my hands dirty with turbo 4 cylinders and Hemi V8's  and my professional career was putting aircraft back in to the sky. With an aviation background, where even the smallest detail counts, I dedicate myself to the same quality with what I do at TacticalPontoon. Performance, safety, and quality are trademarks of my work and I won't put my name on anything less.

TacticalPontoon is not one of the big names in the industry, but it is one that stands above the rest. No one....not anyone, matches the kind of dedication to performance that I represent at TacticalPontoon.

Fun Fact: The name TacticalPontoon is just a funny name I chose when starting an account on Instagram to share my new hobby, not building triggers, just posting up my Glock. I do not have a Pontoon, I am not even all that Tactical, but the name stuck and I wouldn't change it.

- James