Congratulations, you have reached the number one place in the world for creating a trigger for your Austrian Tupperware that is as amazing as the rest of the weapon.

A couple brief points need to be made before you click on to look at the Elite Trigger Systems pages.

  • The Glock series of handguns is an excellent and proven system. The simplicity and reliability are second to none when all things are taken into account.
  • You do not need to upgrade a Glock.
  • You spent $500+ for a gun and our triggers run from a third to half the cost of the weapon. How does this make sense?

As a basic device, the factory trigger works, but it is far from optimal. By spending the additional money, you are taking a very basic and reliable weapon and turning it into a much more versatile, accurate, and worthy firearm.


This is where TacticalPontoon shines, where we make our mark.

  1. What might initially seem like a big expense, is actually far less than trying to recreate this on your own with various parts and pieces that are not a system in and of itself.
  2. We have taken the guesswork out of it, the expense of less than ideal parts, and the disgrace of a weapon that is not reliable.
  3. For all the time and work that has gone into the Elite Series, you will be money ahead with one of our systems.

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