The Peacemaker Extreme Carry 43/43x/48/CR920/Micro-Dagger

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The Peacemaker  Extreme Carry (4lb break)  Glock 43/43x/48/CR920/Micro Dagger


  • Gunco SS blade trigger shoe
  • Modified trigger bar to the Excommunicado specifications for a crisp break and 70% quicker reset (fastest in the industry)
  • trigger block housing
  • tuned connector
  • Duty rated striker spring
  • Comes with Badger Snot lube on the connector and trigger bar for smooth operation

Fits Glock 43/43x/48 and CR920 (and let’s face it, the CR920 needs it BADLY)  Fits the PSA Micro-Dagger as well


*All triggers need to be installed by a qualified gunsmith/Glock armorer. Tacticalpontoon will not be responsible for incorrect installation. All safety checks must be verified and tested after install. *





The TacticalPontoon Peacemaker Extreme Carry :  There are probably 100 or more drop in trigger systems for the Glock platform.  This trigger system is for those who want the very best for the slimline model. The Extreme Carry has a competition reset along with a clean 4lb break that is worthy of a range blaster, with the reliability you can depend on.


The Peacemaker Extreme Carry Recipe:

  1.  I start with the Gunco SS blade style trigger shoe that has 50% less pretravel than the factory curved shoe. The flat face trigger shoe allows for better finger placement and leverage for more control over your shots.
  2. The trigger bar is polished for less friction and modified for a quick reset
  3. The Peacemaker Extreme Carry uses the same formula as the G43/43x/48 Excommunicado system
  4. A tuned and polished connector
  5. Duty rated reduced weight striker spring

      The TacticalPontoon Story: I never saw myself building trigger systems. I picked up my first G17 and naturally being a bit of a tinkerer, I wanted to do a few upgrades. Of course, the trigger was the first thing that saw an ‘upgrade’ however that led me down a path that kept me searching for something better. I bought connectors, springs, and so many triggers and systems…..yet I was left scratching my head. There was so much money spent on marketing that the engineering of the parts themselves were lacking and I was very unsatisfied with the results. I found that so many parts were exactly the same and triggers were skin deep changes with the basic operations being the same. There had to be better and I was determined to figure out how to do it……and that led me to studying the components design and operation. I ruined quite a few parts along the way, changing things, tuning and tweaking components until they didn’t work or until I found something that worked to my standards. That led to the original Elite Marksman triggers that were featured on Tactical Toolbox. I just wanted Jonathon to check my work out and when the video hit Youtube, I was inundated with people who wanted the trigger system that impressed him like it did. Before I knew it, I was busy building triggers that amazed people who, like me, were not satisfied with the status quo. That has led me to upgrade and redesign the work that I do to continue to push the limits. I take great pride in creating the best and nothing comes close to TacticalPontoon.

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Black w/gold safety, Black w/copper safety, Black w/red safety, Black w/grey safety, Black w/black safety, Grey w/black safety, Grey w/red safety, Grey w/copper safety, Grey w/gold safety, Grey w/grey safety, FDE w/grey safety, FDE w/black safety, FDE w/gold safety, FDE w/copper safety, FDE w/red safety

18 reviews for The Peacemaker Extreme Carry 43/43x/48/CR920/Micro-Dagger

  1. Dolan (verified owner)

    This trigger is the best purchase ever for the cr920 ten times the quality of the original trigger i just cant say enough about it if your on edge purchase it definitely worth every penny

  2. David Newman (verified owner)

    Great trigger, possibly best I’ve ever had. Trigger show is excellent and performance is even better. BUY IT.

  3. Adam (verified owner)

    Just went to the range for the first time with my new trigger that I purchased from you. Kudos it made all the difference now the gun is usable and a delight that stock trigger was horrible. Just put 200 rounds down range. No problems whatsoever. It’s like I’m using a brand new firearm the way it should’ve been in the first place. This is night and day. Thank you so much.

  4. Chance (verified owner)

    AMAZING !!!! My cr920 needed this badly completely different handgun now couldn’t be happier thank you !

  5. Sean Lloyd

    Exactly what I needed to fix the garbage stock trigger that comes in the CR920. Smooth, and accurate with zero issues now. The owner even answered my questions after 9pm on a Sunday night and I had my trigger group the following Thursday!

  6. Frank (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a trigger system to fix the underwhelming factory trigger on the Shadow Systems CR920, this is the one that you want. The Peacemaker Extreme Carry is has a smooth trigger pull with a clean, crisp break. The reset is quick, short and tactile. This trigger system makes a world of difference and turns the CR920 into a formidible carry gun. James tops this off with some of the quickest and most attentive customer service in the industry.

  7. Brandon Weaver (verified owner)

    Nothing even close! The most amazing trigger system that I have ever shot. You will not feel let down, or disappointed in this trigger. If you are on the fence about this, because of price, just DO IT! The best one on the market, Mine went into a SS CR920, it made the gun feel totally different. For the better! Not to mention James and how he emails you back so fast if you have questions! Will 100% for sure, buy again from this company!

  8. Nicholas Barker (verified owner)

    Wow what an upgrade! From the beginning I liked my CR920 but could never get over the gritty sub par stock trigger. Shooting it has never really been the great experience i’ve had with other SS pistols. The Peacemaker Extreme Carry trigger has definitely changed that. By cleaning up all that grit and creating a short reset I feel like I’m shooting the larger MR920. 500 rounds in and my CR920 is now my EDC and I am super confident in it’s ability to get the job done. Really happy with this purchase! Freaking game changer!!

  9. Fidel Salazar (verified owner)

    I love this trigger system. It completely transformed my CR920 with its horrible, mushy trigger. At first, I must say I wasn’t that happy with this trigger system. The safety was getting hung up on the frame, it was VERY gritty, had several weird walls. But I decided to stick with it and give it a good, fair chance. After several hundred rounds, I must say, that this is the best trigger I’ve shot with in the “CCW” category. Initial travel is short, until it hits a small, rolling wall, immediately followed by The Wall. The Wall has a very crisp break, with no rolling at all. Reset is very very short and VERY audible and tactile.

  10. John C. (verified owner)

    Completely changes the stock CR920 trigger!! Super crisp break and has a fast reset. Also, I verified all internal safeties are still intact, making me comfortable to carry with it. You won’t regret buying this for the CR920. I should also mention the customer service and how fast he responds to questions. Buy with confidence. Thanks James.

  11. Boris K. (verified owner)

    Absolutely transformed my CR920 Elite. This is a must have upgrade for all CR owners.

  12. Robert Overman

    Dropped a custom peacemaker in my 43x and now it’s all I carry, must have upgrade to any handgun and the customer service is perfect highly recommend to everyone!!!

  13. Eric Matthis (verified owner)

    Phenomenal trigger and customer service. Another great cr920 has been born. Amazing break and reset. The only regret I have is not stumbling across Tactical Pontoon sooner. Easy installation, Perfect function and looks badass, couldn’t ask for more Don’t hesitate just buy it.

  14. Phil Hess (verified owner)

    Purchased for CR920. Amazing difference. Everything stated in above reviews spot on. Smooth take up, crisp 4lb break, fast tactical reset. Easy install. Like it so much just ordered excommunicado for MR920. Thank you James.

  15. Wesley Kollar (verified owner)

    Awesome trigger super easy install you can’t go wrong with this one and night and day difference compared to the stock trigger and if you ever need help James McBride is there to help now go buy yourself a trigger because you won’t regret it

  16. Moses A Meza (verified owner)

    Bought this trigger based on the reviews for the CR920. Love it, major upgrade from the stock trigger. Clean break, makes this little cannon perfect. Wish I would have upgraded much sooner

  17. Bob Malecha (verified owner)

    Best trigger upgrade for the CR920. Completely turned (tuned) this gun around. Drop in system is WELL worth the money and James is there promptly if you need assistance. BEST customer service I’ve ever experienced.

  18. Grayson McDonnell (verified owner)

    Bought this for the Micro Dagger and the difference is Night and Day. Short travel, firm wall, clean break, quick reset, & it looks sharp. What more can you ask for.

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