Heisenberg Competition Trigger System

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The Heisenberg Competition Trigger System 


  • 3.5 lb break (if you want lower add in an  Elite Marksman Competition spring kit  )
  • Gunco SS blade trigger shoe
  • TacticalPontoon customized and tuned polished trigger bar
  • adjustable overtravel trigger block housing
  • tuned and polished race connector
  • trigger spring
  • duty rated striker spring
  • reduced weight plunger spring
  • Gen 1-3 comes with newer gen 4/5 ejector for better ejection pattern
  • Comes with Badger Snot lube on the connector and trigger bar for smooth operation

Fits Gen 1-5, Nomad Defense, Shadow MR/XR, Grit Grips 19 and Compact/Full size Dagger.

Need a system for the Glock 43/43x/48, CR920/Micro Dagger? Click here

Have a 45/10mm? click here

Built to order with a 2 week lead time.*All triggers need to be installed by a qualified gunsmith/Glock armorer. Tacticalpontoon will not be responsible for incorrect installation. All safety checks must be verified and tested after install. *


Looking for even more performance? The next level is the top of the line Peacemaker Leonidas system, that features the TacticalPontoon custom zero pre-travel system that maintains all of the Glock based safeties.

Peacemaker Leonidas



The TacticalPontoon Heisenberg Competition System:  This is the next generation of TacticalPontoon Competition triggers! This comes with the full works.

You are looking at the best, with a tuned and modified trigger bar, the overtravel stop, the tuned connector, competition level striker spring and safety plunger spring. This is a full system to give you the ability to tune your trigger for the best experience possible.

The Heisenberg Competition System Recipe:

  1.  I start with the Gunco SS blade style trigger shoe that has 50% less pretravel than the factory curved shoe. The flat face trigger shoe allows for better finger placement and leverage for more control over your shots.
  2. The TacticalPontoon customized and tuned trigger bar with attention emphasized on a clean break and extremely quick reset. THE FASTEST RESET IN THE INDUSTRY!
  3. There is an adjustable overtravel stop in the trigger block housing to fit this system to your individual frame.
  4. A duty rated striker spring that will still light off basic range ammunition.
  5. A reduced weight safety plunger spring to reduce the takeup feel before the clean break.
  6. A tuned and polished competition weight connector.
  7. TacticalPontoon tested and approved Badger Snot grease applied to the action for smooth operation. ( you can buy more here because once you experience this gun grease, nothing else will do. )

The Value of the Heisenberg Competition Trigger System: The goal of TacticalPontoon is to bring a next level experience in all that I do. With the Competition trigger system, you get a complete package that will give you an edge at the range to pair with your well honed skills. This will help you tune your Glock to the peak of performance. TacticalPontoon will help you with the steps to get it just right for your requirements. I have additional spring kits on the website for more tuning potential and informational videos to make sure you get the most from your raceworthy trigger system.



     The TacticalPontoon Story: I never saw myself building trigger systems. I picked up my first G17 and naturally being a bit of a tinkerer, I wanted to do a few upgrades. Of course, the trigger was the first thing that saw an ‘upgrade’ however that led me down a path that kept me searching for something better. I bought connectors, springs, and so many triggers and systems…..yet I was left scratching my head. There was so much money spent on marketing that the engineering of the parts themselves were lacking and I was very unsatisfied with the results. I found that so many parts were exactly the same and triggers were skin deep changes with the basic operations being the same. There had to be better and I was determined to figure out how to do it……and that led me to studying the components design and operation. I ruined quite a few parts along the way, changing things, tuning and tweaking components until they didn’t work or until I found something that worked to my standards. That led to the original Elite Marksman triggers that were featured on Tactical Toolbox. I just wanted Jonathon to check my work out and when the video hit Youtube, I was inundated with people who wanted the trigger system that impressed him like it did. Before I knew it, I was busy building triggers that amazed people who, like me, were not satisfied with the status quo. That has led me to upgrade and redesign the work that I do to continue to push the limits. I take great pride in creating the best and nothing comes close to TacticalPontoon.

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Gen 1-3 (including Dagger and P80's), Gen 4 (including Shadow Systems), Gen 5

Color combination

Black w/gold safety, Black w/copper safety, Black w/red safety, Black w/grey safety, Black w/black safety, Grey w/black safety, Grey w/red safety, Grey w/copper safety, Grey w/gold safety, Grey w/grey safety, FDE w/grey safety, FDE w/black safety, FDE w/gold safety, FDE w/copper safety, FDE w/red safety

2 reviews for Heisenberg Competition Trigger System

  1. Alexander Trout

    That reset is absolute fire! It will literally smack your finger right back up to the wall! Making follow up shots quick and accurate! The trigger pull is short and smooth into a hard wall with an excellent break that will leave you with goosebumps! After getting this trigger you won’t regret your decision I want 10 more 🤣

  2. Ryan E (verified owner)

    Swapped this system out in a DR920L for use in USPSA. It definitely changed my outlook on using it in competition. Light take up, firm wall, crisp break, instant reset. Perfect for what I was looking for

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