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What trigger system is right for me?

Carry Combat Spartan, Carry Phalanx, Emv3 Phalanx, Apex Marksman trigger weight range: 4lbs-5lbs Duty Combat Spartan, Carry Phalanx ,Apex Marksman trigger weight range: 4lbs-5lbs Competition Competition Spartan, EMV3 Phalanx w/ competition spring upgrade,Competition Phalanx Apex Predator trigger weight range: 2.5lbs-3.5lbs Tired of waiting for the Arsenal Democracy S.W.I.T.C.H. Apex Predator Trigger weight range: 3.5-4.5lbs TacticalPontoon…

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Ironman Collaboration Glock 19

This amazing collaboration was put together by GetaGrip customs, Ravenworks Customs, and 2A3D printing. I was lucky enough to help conceptualize this one and do the trigger work for it. I have linked each builder to their name. Their books could fill up quick, and there is a good reason why. Slide by Steel City…

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There is always something new to learn

Even though the Glock pistol is very simple in nature, that doesn’t mean it is simple in all aspects. Recently, I put together a Glock 19 frame, using a parts kit meant for a Glock 17. As soon as I hit the slide lock spring, I stopped short. Being a large frame guy, this was…

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