Micro Dagger Peacemaker Tune Up Kit


The Peacemaker Micro Dagger tune-up kit 

(DOES NOT FIT A G43/48/43X) 

Are you tired of that hinged polymer trigger that was stolen from your grandfather’s Smith and Wesson? How about that break which creeps worse than an OnlyFans simp? Don’t fret and don’t waste your money on half ass ‘Performance’ triggers off of Ebay…. TacticalPontoon has you covered with my tune-up kit!

What do you get with this kit? Why choose TacticalPontoon?

Instead of fighting some roll pin in the trigger shoe (one wrong move and you beat up your new trigger) this kit uses the trigger from the Peacemaker which has a screw to make install a breeze! Most kits will send out their ‘performance’ connector, but I have not found any aftermarket slimline connector that isn’t just a mush factory. The connector that comes with the Micro is perfectly fine in this instance. The new trigger spring clips right in The striker spring and safety plunger springs swap out in a few minutes with just a quick removal of the slide plate…..squirt on the included Badger Snot…then hit the range to enjoy the new hotness!!!  This kit drops the weight of the trigger system down by 1.0-1.25lbs and keeps it crisp!

Check out the full value of this kit below;

  • Peacemaker trigger shoe
  • overpowered trigger spring
  • squeeze tube of Badger Snot
  • reduced weight duty rated striker spring (lighter weight than stock)
  • reduced weight safety plunger spring
  • Want a full trigger system? The Peacemaker Extreme Carry is HERE

Need an Allen Wrench for the trigger shoe?(click here) To make the install easier, add in a TacticalPontoon Armorers block (here) and a TacticalPontoon Armorers plate (here)

  • You will need a 3/64 allen wrench for the screw in the trigger pin
  • You can add blue loctite to the allen screw threads when installing the trigger, however you should make sure not to get the loctite on the pin portion that goes through the trigger bar


*All triggers need to be installed by a qualified gunsmith/Glock armorer. Tacticalpontoon will not be responsible for incorrect installation. All safety checks must be verified and tested after install. *




The TacticalPontoon Peacemaker  Micro Dagger tune up kit: There are a ton of generic trigger kits from the big names in the business, but that’s what they are, generic. TacticalPontoon is a leader in the community and I put together a high value kit to upgrade the trigger in your Dagger that beats the competition on every level. It gives you a very crisp trigger that you can tune to your liking, while keeping your Dagger trigger bar and trigger housing.

The Peacemaker Micro Dagger tune up recipe:

  1.  I start with the Gunco SS blade style trigger shoe. The flat face trigger shoe allows for better finger placement and leverage for more control over your shots.
  2. TacticalPontoon overpowered trigger spring that will drop the break weight, while still keeping the reset from being weak.
  3. Includes sample size squeeze tube of Badger Snot grease to keep it all running smooth (good for 4-5 uses)
  4. Reduced weight duty rated striker spring that will drop the break by .5-.75lbs
  5. Reduced weight safety plunger spring to smooth out the bump before the break


Check out a quick video from Desert Tactical on the basics of install.



     The TacticalPontoon Story: I never saw myself building trigger systems. I picked up my first G17 and naturally being a bit of a tinkerer, I wanted to do a few upgrades. Of course, the trigger was the first thing that saw an ‘upgrade’ however that led me down a path that kept me searching for something better. I bought connectors, springs, and so many triggers and systems…..yet I was left scratching my head. There was so much money spent on marketing that the engineering of the parts themselves were lacking and I was very unsatisfied with the results. I found that so many parts were exactly the same and triggers were skin deep changes with the basic operations being the same. There had to be better and I was determined to figure out how to do it……and that led me to studying the components design and operation. I ruined quite a few parts along the way, changing things, tuning and tweaking components until they didn’t work or until I found something that worked to my standards. That led to the original Elite Marksman triggers that were featured on Tactical Toolbox. I just wanted Jonathon to check my work out and when the video hit Youtube, I was inundated with people who wanted the trigger system that impressed him like it did. Before I knew it, I was busy building triggers that amazed people who, like me, were not satisfied with the status quo. That has led me to upgrade and redesign the work that I do to continue to push the limits. I take great pride in creating the best and nothing comes close to TacticalPontoon.

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black w/black safety, black w/grey safety, black w/copper safety, black w/gold safety, black w/red safety, grey w/black safety, grey w/grey safety, grey w/copper safety, grey w/gold safety, grey w/red safety, fde w/black safety, fde w/grey safety, fde w/copper safety, fde w/gold safety, fde w/red safety


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