TacticalPontoon Armorers Plate

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Anytime you are changing a component on your build that can affect the trigger system (Trigger shoe, connector, trigger spring, slide, striker, after stippling or cerakote…etc) you need to verify that your striker lug to cruciform interface is still in proper margins for safety and function. This is a must for any builder or shooter, no matter if you are doing just one gun or many!

  1. The range for this is between 80-100% engagement of the cruciform to striker lug.
  2. Any less and you are below Glock armorer guidelines (considered unsafe)
  3. More than 100% and the trigger action may feel sluggish or fail to fire.
  4. Tuning of the interface is one aspect to building a true competition level trigger, but all aspects of trigger system operation should be taken into account before taking this on.


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1 review for TacticalPontoon Armorers Plate

  1. Christian Vidal (verified owner)

    Simple product, a must have to add to your Glock toolbox.

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