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TacticalPontoon was started because of a love for triggers, or perhaps more accurately, for the lack of finding a trigger that I loved. I ordered quite a few different trigger shoes and connectors, but it was never quite what I wanted.

After an epic journey, one that encompasses but a single book however I feel warrants three feature length films and myself to be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, voiced by Benedict Cumberpatch, the TacticalPontoon Elite Marksman was created. This amazing little beast was EXACTLY what I was looking for in a trigger. The Apex shoe paired with a little magic, and a connector by Ghost….it was amazing.

I decided I would see if Jonathon of TacticalToolbox might be interested in giving it a try. I was an avid viewer of his channel and I learned a great deal from him, but I knew he was a busy man, and I was just some little guy that no one knew. But it was worth a try……

That is how the above pictured trio of Polymer 80 came to be. Jonathon loved my trigger system, and shared it with Youtube. Because of that, I had the pleasure to do business with Ron…several times, as you can see. Ron definitely stuck out from the very beginning, as a simple black Apex was not good enough for his build, and requested a blue trigger. I knew this could be risky, as the mods I did to the Apex could cause the finish to get scratched and I did not have a way to anodize the shoe again.

Ron assured me that a little battle scar or two would not affect it….and immediately I knew he and I would get along great.


The trigger came out great, and his Polymer80SC build came together nicely. I was extremely happy to have built him something worthy. Talking with him, not only was he happy with it, it had given him the bug for a better trigger in the rest of his guns. As the version 2 triggers arrived, he took a place in line for one, as well as a limited run curved trigger version!

Ron has been a phenomenal customer, a huge supporter, a fellow trigger snob, and more importantly, a friend. I could not do it without such great people, and I am very grateful for those people who value an amazing trigger as much as I do.