Stealth Marksman Trigger

Are you going for that stealth look? Keeping a low profile, or you just prefer to stay with the polymer trigger shoe, yet you want to kill all the mush and grit? Tired of a spongy take up, followed by a break that is less than precise? Don’t fret, because we have you covered. $125 shipped

  • We sneak up behind pre-travel and incapacitate it like Solid Snake.
  • The break is clean and precise, much like Bruce Lee through an enemy.
  • Have you ever taunted a raging bull? The reset is as short as his temper.
  • Slide under the radar like an F-22 Raptor with that factory polymer trigger shoe, but strike with all the advantages of a TacticalPontoon Marksman Trigger.

    **.Not responsible for incorrect installation or use. Have a responsible and knowledgeable gunsmith/armorer install your trigger. All safety checks and functions need to be tested before put into use. This is your responsibility**