Spotlight on a good dude #1

There are some awesome Glock frame stipplers out there. I am constantly surprised at the innovation and designs that people have been able to burn in to the Austrian plastic. The talent is out there, without a doubt. What sets Rook apart, enough for me to post about it, and give him the first spotlight on the website?

About a week ago, I got it in my mind that I wanted to build my own 19x off of a gen 3 frame and a magazine sleeve. I knew it would not be a simple job, but honestly, how hard could it be? A little grinding, some JB Weld, some stippling to cover my tracks, and I would be good. Then it occurred to me that I would not be able to stipple the JB Weld in the same fashion as the factory polymer. That brought me back to silicon carbide grips, something I really liked and if you follow my Instagram, you will know I did it on my P10C and it looked great.

In order to make sure I was not about to ruin my frame, I happened to give Rook a DM to touch base with him and kind of get his thoughts on the project. I had messaged a few other names in the business, but I got a cold shoulder, which I can understand, since this is their bread and butter. I am fully appreciative of people keeping their trade secret, especially if they are being asked a crazy question like mine, so no hard feelings.

When I got a message back from Rook, it was several videos explaining some extremely good pointers as well as an epoxy that would do what I needed. He took the time to fully explain what I would be up against as well as tips to make sure I succeed. This was exactly what I needed and I set about preparing for the project with an excellent chance now of actually making it work.

However, I lacked one major thing, and that was time….my schedule is already quite stretched and it occurred to me that I would just never finish it to the degree that it deserved. So, instead of having my new frame sent to my local FFL, I asked Rook if I could send it to him for his artwork instead. Luckily for me, he agreed! Because he took the time out of his day to give me some amazing tips and information, my best way to repay him was to trust him with my frame and send some business his way.

His work already speaks for itself, but his willingness to go above and beyond is something I truly respect! If you are looking for frame work, give Rook a shout! Rookworx Customs