Sig P320 Elite Marksman competition spring kit

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The only spring kit available for the P320 on the market. These are readily available, no waiting. The Sig market is changing and TacticalPontoon is on the cutting edge!


The action of the P320 is short and quick right out of the box. There is a good reason that this weapon system is taking the world by storm! With excellent ergonomics and quick change grip modules, the P320 has an almost infinite number of configurations.

TacticalPontoon fell in love with this pistol almost immediately and it wasn’t long before the chassis came apart for modifications.

This sear spring set is the first part of that process. Calibrated to bring the trigger weight down to 3lbs when both springs are used, this makes the weapon perfect for competition use.


These springs are to be installed by a competent gunsmith. All function and safety checks need to be made before the weapon is put into service. I will not be responsible for incorrect installations.

3 reviews for Sig P320 Elite Marksman competition spring kit

  1. Ja Lowery

    Review for Sig P320 Elite Marksman competition spring kit
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Installed in my p320 X-Carry as an addition to a previously installed Apex forward set trigger bar kit and flat faced action enhancement trigger. Upon initial receipt and visual inspection very little recognizable difference from stock springs however, after installation the contrast in trigger pull was very apparent in initial dry fire, and at the range with live rounds. If I had four hands, I would give this product four thumbs up. Anyone looking for that extra: you found it.

  2. Aaron

    More than pleased. I wanted to do a trigger upgrade at home, by myself, without having to send my entire pistol off, for weeks or months. My decision/process, was this: mirror polish all parts that move in correlation with the trigger system, install the Apex Tactical forward set trigger bar with advanced flat-faced trigger, and the Tactical Pontoon Sig P320 Elite Marksman competition spring kit. The results are spectacular. I used a Wheeler Professional, digital, precision trigger gauge, and the average over 10 pulls, is 2lbs, 2.4oz, or 2.15lbs. The results speak for themselves. Save yourself money, and time with your weapon sent out somewhere. Even if you’re slow, I’m talking 20 to 30 minutes of your time (less parts polishing).

  3. Harry Newcomer

    Installed in 320c along with the apex trigger and some Buffing to the sear and trigger bar. Pull weight 2.5 lbs all factory safety’s still intact. Have ran about 150 rds through still consistently pulling 2.5 lbs every time. Very pleased.

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