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When the Boogeyman creates the sexiest trigger design I have ever seen, I knew TacticalPontoon had a duty to create a system around it that was truly worthy. The Excommunicado is the culmination of my years building triggers for some of the greatest Glocks the world has ever seen.

If you want to shoot fast and accurate, riding the reset on a Glock is how it is done, and with the Excommunicado you have a reset that is quicker than John Wick dispatching the mob! Go watch the preview video in the description to see it in action. There are 1911 owners that would be jealous of this reset…..I know that for a fact because they have told me.

  • Boogeyman Customs Excommunicado trigger shoe
  • 40% less pretravel than factory
  • Adjustable overtravel stop for the absolute tightest system, no wasted movement
  • TacticalPontoon tuned and modified trigger bar
  • Competition quick reset, the fastest in the business
  • TacticalPontoon tuned connector for a crisp break
  • True custom built system built one at a time and tested in dedicated frames

Are you worthy of the Boogeyman Excommunicado?


All triggers are built to order and have a 4 week lead time. It is worth the wait, nothing else on the market comes close!!!


*All triggers need to be installed by a qualified gunsmith/Glock armorer. Tacticalpontoon will not be responsible for incorrect installation. All safety checks must be verified and tested after install. *


The Excommunicado Recipe:

  1.  I start with the Boogeyman Customs trigger shoe that has 40% less pretravel than the factory curved shoe. The flat face trigger shoe allows for better finger placement and leverage for more control over your shots.
  2. The trigger bar has all working surfaces improved over factory for less friction and cleaner trigger break characteristics. I have special modifications that I do to the trigger bar to improve the performance of both the break and reset.
  3. One of my biggest frustrations with trigger systems has always been their focus on profit over performance and this is no more obvious than in their choice of connectors. In a sea of generic ‘3.5 lb’ connectors that might lower the weight of the trigger’s break, they give a very weak and mushy feel that is so unsatisfying. I do not stand for that and along with my custom trigger bar mods, I use the absolute best connector and tune it to perfection.
  4. Accuracy is control and the Excommunicado system helps you maintain control by minimizing the movement of the trigger action. With a competition reset along with an adjustable overtravel stop in the trigger block housing, you stay on target to get the job done.
  5. With each frame combination being different, a little tuning goes a long way and TacticalPontoon is here to help you make it happen with the best support in the industry.

  The TacticalPontoon Story: I never saw myself building trigger systems. I picked up my first Glock 17 and naturally being a bit of a tinkerer, I wanted to do a few upgrades. Of course, the trigger was the first thing that saw an ‘upgrade’ however that led me down a path that kept me searching for something better. I bought connectors, springs, and so many triggers and systems…..yet I was left scratching my head. There was so much money spent on marketing that the engineering of the parts themselves were lacking and I was very unsatisfied with the results. I found that so many parts were exactly the same and triggers were skin deep changes with the basic operations being the same. There had to be better and I was determined to figure out how to do it……and that led me to studying the components design and operation. I ruined quite a few parts along the way, changing things, tuning and tweaking components until they didn’t work or until I found something that worked to my standards. That led to the original Elite Marksman triggers that were featured on Tactical Toolbox. I just wanted Jonathon to check my work out and when the video hit Youtube, I was inundated with people who wanted the trigger system that impressed him like it did. Before I knew it, I was busy building triggers that amazed people who, like me, were not satisfied with the status quo. That has led me to upgrade and redesign the work that I do to continue to push the limits. I take great pride in creating the best and nothing comes close to TacticalPontoon.


Triggers are built to order and have a 4 week lead time. This is a full trigger system, including a trigger block housing, tuned trigger bar, connector, and trigger spring.

*All triggers need to be installed by a qualified gunsmith/Glock armorer. Tacticalpontoon will not be responsible for incorrect installation. All safety checks must be verified and tested after install. *

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gen 3, gen 4, Nomad, gen 5/19x, P80, 43/43x/48, Glock 44

Trigger color

Black w/ black safety, Black w/ red safety, Red w/ black safety, Red w/ red safety, fde w/black safety, Black/blue safety, FDE/blue safety, Black/purple safety, Red/blue safety, Red/gold safety, Red/grey safety, Black/gold safety, FDE/gold safety, Black w/green safety, Grey/black safety

14 reviews for Excommunicado trigger system

  1. Jason Holt (verified owner)

    Review for Limited Edition Boogeyman Excommunicado
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  2. Justin Keylard (verified owner)

    I can’t explain how happy I am with this trigger. It is literally my favorite part of my recent build. The trigger pull and reset are almost unbelievable until you experience it. Tactical pontoon is now my go to for triggers. If you are on the fence, take my word for it. You will not be disappointed.

  3. Tye Sutherland (verified owner)

    Review for Boogeyman Excommunicado full trigger system
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  4. Andrew LaPlaca

    The Boogeyman Excommunicado system is second to none! This took my 34 to the next level and delivered the exact performance I was looking for! Every trigger going into my Glocks from now on will be pontoonized!

  5. Alan Miller (verified owner)

    This is an amazing trigger with a great pull/reset. Such a nice feel, even for a nub as a trigger finger. Install was simple 👌🏼👍🏼

  6. Gage (verified owner)

    Absolutely BADASS trigger system! Hands down best trigger I have ever personally used in a Glock! Runnin this system in my G45 and currently building a thin blue line G19 for my father who is a retired Leo. 12/10!

  7. Matt M

    I have 3 of these triggers. I bought 2 of them for 2 builds to try something new, James helped me through the whole process of getting the thing to run as perfect as it can, he takes pride in his work and quality that you don’t get from some big company. I ended up buying a third and put it in my 34 that I use in PSA shoots and it has not failed me a single time the last 2 competitions I’ve had this year

  8. Paul Riccio

    Holy smooth and crisp Batman do I like this trigger… I ordered a system for my 43 after getting a system from Tactical Pontoon a couple years ago based on a buddy’s recommendation for my Glock 19. That trigger was great… this one does something I haven’t felt in a Glock yet being a former 1911 guy. The take-up is without resistance and totally smooth. Then, there is a super crisp wall that is every bit as short and crisp as many single actions. Then it is without resistance again.

    Reset is firm and audible. This is tuned perfect for a carry weapon, though I could see it easily being tuned and functioning well for USPSA / IDPA also.

    As most Glock triggers have some sort of ramp up / ramp down in the resistance, it’s a bit mind-boggling to me just based on the physics how well it feels so specific and crisp. I like this… kind of spoils other Glock systems. I’ve not seen any issues at all and look forward to field testing the heck out of it.

    And I like the shoe… but that’s the aesthetics. Those are great. The function is the best I’ve found though thus far.

  9. John W (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough and it’s all been said here before… Quit Fidgeting and hit the Buy Now button. The Excommunicado is amazing and James is the BEST trigger spirit guide ! My Zev G34 Dragonfly is perfect now. All joy, no regrets. There will be more trips to http://www.tacticalpontoon.com in my future.

  10. Christopher P (verified owner)

    I have purchased a trigger from James before and the work he does on these are amazing. All the safeties still work amazingly. I beat an unloaded Glock to see if it would discharge being my carry gun, and everything still worked. Like everyone else has already said, just hit the buy button now. Buy once, cry once, especially if it’s something you may have to trust your life to.

  11. Brandon

    I have 2 Tactical Pontoon Boogeyman Triggers in my G19/G17 Gen 4 Pistols. Each trigger took around 2-3 weeks to be completed, James kept in touch throughout the process. I find the craftsmanship and build quality excellent of each trigger. Once installed both Triggers are consistent and perform exceptionally well. The Wide Trigger Body along with the Light First and Second Stage have provided a consistent and enhanced shooting experience for me. I will however say at the end of the day Marksmanship is Marksmanship. I still have to practice and perfect my shooting my skills, but when equipped with a Tactical Pontoon Boogeyman, I find I have a better connection to the weapon system and can deliver better results on target.

  12. Claudio Joya (verified owner)

    After running this trigger for a while I have to say this is hands down the best trigger I have used! The break is crisp and the reset is fantastic. Do not hesitate on this trigger. I have it on a Glock 19 5th gen.

  13. Jacob Wallace (verified owner)

    If you are on the fence about this particular trigger system please don’t hesitate to purchase this. It is by far the best trigger system I’ve had on a Glock. I’ve shot several different trigger systems, this hands down far exceeds. It was money well spent, and worth the wait. James was awesome to work with!!

  14. Matthew Gore (verified owner)

    I have purchased many Tactical Pontoon trigger systems from James, have one in every glock I own. They are the best triggers on the market in my opinion. Amazing feel, very crisp break, short reset, aestheticlly pleasing, and all 3 glock safeties are retained with every trigger. Customer service with James is second to none. He always takes care of his customers promptly and efficiently. Amazing products and amazing customer service/support. Once you experience the Tactical Pontoon trigger systems you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

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