The VP9/40 Excommunicado features a 3-3.5lb break, 50% less takeup, 40% quicker reset, adjustable overtravel stop, and a flat trigger shoe.

Each kit is built to order with a 4-5 week lead time.

Includes; black trigger shoe, trigger bar, reset bar, sear hook, trigger spring, and sear spring.


The time has come for the H&K VP series of pistols to get the famous TacticalPontoon Excommunicado line of work done to them. This takes the work I had done previously to the VP and upgrades it on multiple levels.

I replaced the original trigger shoe I had been using with a new flat design from Lazy Wolf, which has a stronger material design. This stealth black trigger shoe features better leverage and a cleaner look that matches the all business approach that HK is known the world over for.

The TacticalPontoon VP9/40 Excommunicado features a quick, crisp 3-3.5lb break along with a much shorter reset. The somewhat notchy takeup that VP’s are known for, is completely smoothed out and the break is like ice. I achieve this through meticulous modification to the working surfaces of the trigger bar, reset bar, and sear hook. This work along with the competition spring kit make for the best action on the market for H&K’s most advanced pistol design yet. If the VP series was the future, the TacticalPontoon Excommunicado is the meaning of life.

There is no better trigger system on the market for the VP series.

The HK VP9/40 is not the same as disassembling a Glock and can be somewhat involved. It is recommended that a skilled gunsmith install this trigger system for best results. Guide to disassembly found here

Additional information

HK VP9/40 Elite Marksman

Lobos trigger shoe, tuned trigger bar, tuned disconnector, tuned seat catch, Marksman spring kit


Black with Red Safety, Red with Black safety, Silver with Blue safety, Black with Purple safety


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