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HK VP9/40 Elite Marksman Kopis


Named after the curved blade of the Spartans, a people who embodied the warrior spirit, the EM Kopis trigger system is equally at home on the battlefield as it is on the competition course. Unleash your HK VP9/40 with a Kopis system and bow down to no man.

The Elite Marksman replaces the factory trigger shoe, trigger bar, sear catch, disconnector, sear spring, and trigger return spring.

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A few years back, while I was still on my quest to create a Glock trigger that I could be happy with, I ran across the HK VP9 and Walther PPQ. All the big articles pitted these two guns against each other, and normally they gave huge praise to the triggers in both. I had a PPQ for awhile, and the trigger was nice, but I never found it to be the game changer it was claimed to be. When I came across a VP40 of my own, I found the stories of it’s trigger to be a bit embellished as well… down the rabbit hole I went and this is what came of it.

The Elite Marksman for the HK VP9/40 takes a decent trigger, tosses out the factory plastic shoe in exchange for something more comfortable and with enhanced travel characteristics. Next up I looked at the weight of the trigger itself, and while it was relatively light, I knew that with some tuning it could be brought to a level that would be at home in a match ringing steel, or in the hands of a professional where accuracy matters. That was not all, as a mass produced firearm, there was a certain amount of undue friction in the system which did not allow it to live up to it’s potential.

With the components of the Elite Marksman installed, you have a smooth action that meets up to a clean, yet brittle, wall that is easy to shatter at your whim.


The HK VP9/40 is not the same as disassembling a Glock and can be somewhat involved. It is recommended that a skilled gunsmith install this trigger system for best results. Guide to disassembly found here

Additional information

HK VP9/40 Elite Marksman

Lobos trigger shoe, tuned trigger bar, tuned disconnector, tuned seat catch, Marksman spring kit


Black with Red Safety, Red with Black safety, Silver with Blue safety, Black with Purple safety


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