Excommunicado Tactical trigger system

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The Excommunicado Tactical is all the awesome action of the standard Excommunicado, but with a trigger break that replicates the factory 5.5lb number. This is great for carry/duty weapons that you may want to retain a heavier trigger on. With the siganture Tacticalpontoon short reset, all follow-up shots will be ready to go as fast as you are. The trigger meets up to a crisp and clean wall, none of that rolling break ‘competition’ (as other companies like to call it) creep that is so often the case.

To further improve the rough and tumble style of this system, an improved performance striker spring is included, which will help ignite any stubborn primers, ensuring that when you pull the trigger, you are not left with a dead weapon. Maritime spring cups are included as well to improves striker movement in the channel.

If you want to shoot fast and accurate, riding the reset on a Glock is how it is done, and with the Excommunicado you have a reset that is quicker than John Wick dispatching the mob! Go watch the preview video in the description to see it in action. There are 1911 owners that would be jealous of this reset…..I know that for a fact because they have told me.

Are you worthy of the Excommunicado Tactical?

If you want the original version, with the crisp 3.5-4lb break click here

All triggers are built to order and have a 6 week lead time. It is worth the wait, nothing else on the market comes close!!!


Triggers are built to order and have a 6 week lead time. This is a full trigger system, including a trigger block housing, tuned trigger bar, connector, and trigger spring.
(Glock 43/43x/48 will not include a trigger block housing because of a supply shortage)

*All triggers need to be installed by a qualified gunsmith/Glock armorer. Tacticalpontoon will not be responsible for incorrect installation. All safety checks must be verified and tested after install. *

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gen 3, gen 4, gen 5, P80

Trigger color

Black w/ black safety, Black w/ red safety, Red w/ black safety, Red w/ red safety, fde w/black safety, Black/grey safety, FDE/grey safety, Black/purple safety, Red/gold safety, Red/grey safety, Black/gold safety, FDE/gold safety

5 reviews for Excommunicado Tactical trigger system

  1. Larry DOC Yaughn (verified owner)

    Awesome good trigger….. took a little while to get it but totally worth the wait….. great for every day carry in my 19X

  2. Brandon

    I don’t want to ever shoot with another trigger, had an apex and swapped out for the excommunicado and it’s been the best decision I’ve made, so smooth and it looks badass to boot 10/10 recommend.

  3. Ricardo Sandoval

    The best trigger

  4. Ryan Reinoehl (verified owner)

    Buy it. It’s worth the money and the wait. Best I’ve ever used. I’m actually buying another one for a P80 build.

  5. Dan Stott

    WOW! I have a all custom glock 22 with all the bells and whistles. Except factory trigger!
    Once I put this bad boy in, what a difference. It made a good shooting gun to a phenom. Once I get my vp40, upgrading immediately.

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