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Elite Marksman V2

(17 customer reviews)


Utilizing the Ranger Proof Swag Long Ranger , the Elite Marksman goes above and beyond the standard systems on the market. Featuring a high performance connector and adjustable over-travel housing, this is as close to a custom built system as you will get without sending your frame in. The Elite Marksman V2 is the highest performing and quickest acting triggers on the market. It is not for everyone, and is not marketed as such. If you have any questions, contact TacticalPontoon beforehand to discuss your options.

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The factory Glock trigger works, it does its job commendably, but to call it Perfection is hyperbole that Barnum Bailey himself would blush at. That is where TacticalPontoon comes in. The wheel had been invented, and it had been improved, but I was not able to find one that made me happy.

I did the standard upgrades, this connector, that connector, a spring here and a spring there. I polished things until my fingers bled and the sheen drew aliens from light years away. Then I tried different aftermarket trigger ‘upgrades’, however it became very clear that these were just aluminum tidbits that replicated the factory setup with a flat face and different colors. To be fair, a few had set screws to limit travel or take up, but they were still packaged with subpar components and it left me wanting more.

I do not come from a background of shooting 1911’s, I cut my teeth on striker fired guns, but I still felt like there was better to be had. I read about the breaking of glass, I saw triggers claim to that fame for our Austrian Tupperware, but once I laid my hands on a few 1911’s, I knew that was not to be for a Glock. The physics do not work like that for our actions, at least not without cheating the system, and rendering the safety of the weapon on a razors edge.

Taking a fresh look at the whole system, ideas started to form. Blood, sweat, tears, and ruined polymer trigger shoes, led me to a place where I found what I was looking for. The TacticalPontoon Elite series of trigger enhancements took shape, and I found the balance I was looking for. The correct combination of available parts along with, most importantly, the right modifications, gave me that trigger I had been searching for!!!

This trigger setup is for people who want the best action and reset. Not for the timid or beginners, you need to have a good understanding of the Glock system to run this trigger and set it up. An armourer’s plate and know how are needed to be worthy of this trigger. If you have any questions about this, there is a good chance this trigger is not for you. Some final fitment may be needed and TacticalPontoon is available to help answer questions.

Those looking for a more carry oriented trigger should look at the Apex Elite Marksman



Bring your Elite Marksman V2 weight down with this spring kit. Click this link to order

All Triggers are built to order. Current lead time is 4 weeks.

**.Not responsible for incorrect installation or use. Have a responsible and knowledgeable gunsmith/armorer install your trigger. All safety checks and functions need to be tested before put into use. This is your responsibility**   

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Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 5, P80, Nomad9

Safety Color

Black, Red, Blue, anodized FDE, Silver, Gold, polished

Shoe Color

Black, Red, Blue, Polished, Gold, silver, anodized FDE

17 reviews for Elite Marksman V2

  1. Shaun

    James is great to deal with. He is eager to help with any questions during the order process or after you have received your trigger. You can tell that he is truly passionate about what he does and every trigger that he sends out. The triggers are excellent – minimal take up, solid wall, and crisp, clean break. If you are looking for the best trigger system for your Glock, this is it. Period.

  2. Ron Guay

    Review for Elite Marksman V2

  3. Brad VanDonsel (verified owner)

    These triggers are fantastic. James has come up with a system that is hard to beat. It is a tough task to make a Glock trigger feel like he does. Especially Glock not have a pre cocked striker like some striker fired pistols. No stacking and mushy feeling during the cocking of the striker and then a wall and more pre travel and break. Amazing feat to eliminate that. A wall crisp break and crisp short reset and the shape of the trigger shoe and no reaching to get the same spot on the shoe is spot on.
    Great customer service. You won’t be disappointed period.
    review for Elite Marksman V2
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  4. Jay D Milbank

    By far the best trigger system I’ve seen in a Glock! I have hundreds of rounds through my T.P. trigger and it’s is running like a champ. The take-up and over-travel are gone and the break is fantastic. I would definitely refer to anyone looking for a solution to the Glock trigger, I currently have a second on order for my father. Working with James is great, there was a specific trigger shoe that I wanted and he made it happen. I could not be happier with the product and the customer service provided by Tactical Pontoon. For sure a lifelong client.

  5. David Miler (verified owner)

    From triggers to customer service 5 stars isn’t enough. I purchased my trigger during the busy Black Friday time of year and messaged James about the trigger after not getting a confirmation email. Most places take 24-48 hours for a reply… Not the case here! I had a friendly reply within the hour which was amazing start. The wait was well worth it when I got my trigger too. The work he puts in is apparent from the moment you take the trigger out mod the packaging. I have used 2 other drop in triggers before I found out about this one. The Elite Marksman V2 with the Rangerproof Swag trigger shoe is the best by far. Others claim reduced travel and low take up but James means it! The short take up, break, and reset are so smooth. If you are even thinking about this trigger system, or any of the trigger options James offers you should jump on one now. You will not regret this purchase.

  6. Ryan Doyle (verified owner)

    I have never been a fan of Glocks. When I came across the Polymer80 platform, I was interested so I decided to dive into the Glock world. Holding a Polymer80 in my hand, I liked it a a lot but quickly realized the factory glock trigger is garbage. A little searching around and came across James and Tactical Pontoon. Now I have never tried any of the other Glock trigger so I can’t compare this trigger to those kits. I will say this- there’s no way the competitors can be better than the Elite Marksman setup. The kit is perfect. The trigger shoe itself is great-has a nice feel to it. The trigger bar is very throughly polished, it almost feels oiled. Ghost connector is top of the line. The trigger housing is super easy to adjust (1.5mm Allen key). All together and dialed in, the uptake is almost none, solid wall, followed by a crisp break and even crisper reset. Add a loaded mag and everything gets even crisper. For those who don’t want to deal with trying out new triggers to find the “right one” or people new to Glock and want to get it right the 1st time, this is the trigger for you.

    On a side note, James is great to deal with. Super responsive to messages, even at strange hours of the day. His lead time is accurate, if not over estimated. When I placed my order, I was told 3 weeks. I had the trigger in hand by 2.5. All in all, a great experience.

  7. Mark Morris (verified owner)

    So I have had the Glock 19 for some time now and the gun is great but the stock trigger left me yearning for something more! The Elite Marksman v2, with the Elite Combat Upgrade Pack, is out of this world an amazing trigger! The travel, break and reset are crisp and there are no issues with play. Ranger Proof Swag Long Ranger shoe is a perfect pairing and the ergonomics go hand and hand with the system. Since this is a carry gun, I went with the Elite Combat Upgrade Pack and this pairing is exactly what I wanted in a trigger system. I cannot recommend this trigger enough to anyone who owns a Glock!

    As far as service goes, there are no words to explain, but I will try my best. Besides designing trigger systems, James is also exceptional with customer service. When I started looking into picking up a system, the v1 Combat/Carry was just discontinued so I reached out to James for some guidance. When I sent a message, within a couple of hours I had a reply telling me that the new v2 would be going live soon. James was top notch with explaining how the v2 with the upgrade pack would be the best way to go for me with my aspirations for the trigger system. Anytime that I had questions they were answered in a very short timeline, and just a great guy to shoot the sh!t with.

    When I purchased the trigger it was during the Black Friday Sale, and honestly, I was figuring that it wouldn’t be till after the new year until I received because of the influx of orders. I was wrong by a long shot, that thing was out in no time and was here in plenty of time for Christmas! Christmas Eve the wife had given the trigger to me, and I began to look over it and the quality of parts is remarkable! The Ghost connector, Combat Upgrade System and Ranger Proof Long Ranger trigger shoe not a better combination out there! Like any Glock trigger system, it is easy to install. I put that bad boy into my Glock 19 that evening and the performance was amazing. The entire system had a great feel to it, the take-up was minimal, the break felt like glass, and the reset was clean! Honestly, as soon as I can, I am looking at picking up another just for the hell of it. Great experience through the entire process and I don’t think that 5 stars really illustrate the quality of the product and the customer service! I can’t wait to see what James at Tactical Pontoon has in store for us in the future!

  8. Paul Riccio

    After a long customer service experience with a wide variety of different triggers, the elite marksman V2 is hands down the best I’ve found for the Glock platform. That’s not why I’m leaving this review though… I’m leaving the review because James is an awesome dude who stands behind his products. It’s amazing when someone goes above and beyond to fix a different company’s mistakes, just for the sake of customer service. And provides you extra product to boot.

    First- I’m a 1911 guy for the last 10+ years. Trained on them from the beginning, I believe Moses got it right. HOWEVER, they are expensive as heck and lack the customization / capacity I’m looking for in competition. As such, I tried a G19 Gen 4. .. the trigger made me cry. A buddy who’s a competitive shooter (and better than me) runs a Pontoon system in his IDPA rig, and bugged me for months to try his system. Instead, I found the Arsenal Democracy SWITCH online, got on a waitlist, and after contacting the company was one of the first SWITCH systems to be released. Unfortunately, the SWITCH didn’t work… whether it was Glock tolerances and my platform, it was a safety issue. After sending my weapon to Arsenal Democracy, they didn’t fix it property and sent me back a faulty product claiming it was fine.

    Instead of dealing with them, my buddy convinced me to contact James. He spent half an hour of his own time walking us through how to get things safe. Then, he let us send him the system and worked on it himself to diagnose. What I appreciated was that he was never derogatory towards the other company at any point. You could tell he was going out of his way to be professional, while trying to explain the errors and get me running safely and well. Needless to say, I scrapped the other system and went with his Elite Marksman V2.

    After running into frame tolerance issues, not only did James accurately diagnose the exact tolerance issues in my weapon, he got a system running in it that is safe, and feels better than any aftermarket system I’ve tried in my G19. The shoe is comfortable, the reliability and safety are flawless, and above all I was able to describe to him how I wanted the trigger to feel, and he picked the exact system to match that… to say I’m beyond impressed with the quality of the product is an understatement. Tactical Pontoon produces the best aftermarket Glock triggers in existence, for a beyond fair price. And, he’s an honorable and kind dude doing his own work to boot.

    I don’t know how many Glocks are in this 1911 guy’s future… we’ll see. Every single one will have a TP trigger though.

    I’d gladly be a personal reference as well if anyone wanted to contact me. James went out of his way to get me running, it’s the least I can do.

  9. Inkd07ss

    So i had an uneducated personal preference of trigger mainly because of the name brand and their advertising. After talking to James for a few weeks about what he does with these systems and him answering numerous questions and dealing with my inability to pull the trigger (haha) i finally did and i dont regret it for a second. i do alot of target shooting and wanted a system that was as smooth as it was light and reliability was essential, James delivered on every point! i will be reccomending this system and also purchasing for my next builds. I have been converted!!

  10. Leo Munoz

    Was making a new build and had to get one of James’s tiggers after seeing them on Tactical Toolbox’s video late 2017/ early 2018 and the product was done justice. Super smooth with only the minimal take up necessary and crisp reset.

    Had a slight issue with the trigger not working properly on my OEM slide but James answered my all my questions ASAP, I sent an email at night and received a response the following morning. That was surprising and I was thankful for his customer support.

    My issue was with the take up when I was using the frame i installed the trigger in with my OEM slide, didn’t want to break properly and had to adjust the take up with the set screw in the housing. It was super simple thanks to James’s help and checking out the video he recommended to see.

    Not only do his triggers work great but they look great as well. Some people don’t care how anything looks as long as it just works but the Elite Marksman V2 is dead sexy. I don’t think I’ve seen another trigger that’s skeletalized with those type on cut outs.

    Writing “it’s a great trigger” isn’t enough. I wasn’t going to make this review long but if you’re looking for a trigger worth the price you need to do the research and trust strangers opinions and reviews. His website is legit and there’s nothing to worry about.

    Highly recommended, great customer service, James is awesome and will buy his triggers for my future glocks because Glock owners don’t just have the only one.

  11. Robert Abel (verified owner)

    This trigger is amazing! I have been upgrading my Glock 17 trying to get it to feel a little closer to a custom gun, and this trigger does just that. I have been running the apex trigger kit for a while, and it was much better than stock, but still felt like I was missing something. The Marksman V2 is what was missing…

  12. Dave

    This trigger is hands down the best Glock trigger I’ve ever got my finger on!!! It brought my Glock to a whole new level. The trigger has absolutely no pre-travel and a nice clean crisp break with almost no over travel, the reset is nice short and audible. James is a great guy who loves what he does and takes great pride in his product and will answer any questions you have and is somebody who will actually stand behind his product. Bottom line if your looking for the best Glock trigger on the market and a owner who is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does tactical pontoon is a no brainer! Every Glock I buy in the future will be have one of his triggers and the way he treats his customers he now has a customer for life!

  13. Darren

    I don’t even know how to begin to review this trigger as I’m still sitting here relatively speechless.

    I can’t write in regards to actually firing it as I quite literally just opened the package containing the trigger, however, this review is more in regards to the craftsmanship and actual build quality on first impression.

    If you follow James’ instagram you’ve probably noticed a couple things are always consistent: He re-posts other high-quality and reputable sources of parts / work, he posts lots of builds featuring his trigger and he posts lots of himself working on said triggers. The only reason I mention this is because of the constant pride that he takes in his work shown through social media is immediately evident in the final product he delivers. There’s care in everything from the creation and assembly of the trigger to frankly how it’s sent to you. He’s very responsive in communication and will explain/answer any concerns/questions you have.

    I haven’t fired it yet, but just playing with the action and comparing it to Glock OEM triggers I’ve grown up on since my first Gen 1 G17 there’s no comparing the two. They aren’t even in the same league, it would be like trying to argue that a Honda Civic Type R is in some way shape and form comparable to a Ferrari Enzo outside of the fact that they’re both motor vehicles.

    I’d never even thought about changing the trigger of a Glock as I’d never had a reason and I view guns as more of a practical tool than anything else, where function and practicality should serve above all else and I now firmly believe that these triggers are a necessity. All my triggers will be coming from James from here on out!

    Thank you again for a great product!

  14. Donovan M. (verified owner)

    I’ve bought triggers from Overwatch Precision, Agency arms, and a few other brands and switched connectors in and out of my guns but when I bought a 19x I needed something different I had never tried. I got in contact with James and he answered every question I had. I was highly nervous on buying a trigger I haven’t heard too much about. I took a chance and patiently waiting for the order shipped email and couldn’t wait to install it. This trigger is by far the smoothest trigger I have ever had. There is almost no travel once the safety is engaged, which is exactly what I always look for. This is a flat faced custom adjustable trigger with a sleek look and its very easy to install. I would recommend This trigger to anyone x100. I couldn’t be happier running this system whether it’s for training or just for spending some time practicing at the range. Won’t be running anything for my future pistols but Tactical Pontoon. This trigger makes any Gen 5 pistol fun to shoot, it is my #1 favorite

  15. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Review for Elite Marksman V2
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I put this trigger in my brand new Gen 5 G19 and it does exactly what TP said it would do. Crisp, light, and with a great reset. Glad I found TP as there are so many G trigger companies now. Watch his Youtube videos and read his online content to learn why his triggers are ahead of the pack, in my humble opinion.
    And like everyone else has said, his customer service is great too. He answers emails very quickly and answered all of my questions. Nobody really wants to buy a great product from a punk if they don’t have to. Thankfully his stuff is legit AND he treats people with respect. 5 stars from me.

  16. Tyler Smith

    I put this trigger into a $2200+ glock 19 build, and the trigger is certainly worthy of the gun! This is easily thr best aftermarket trigger ive ever used, and all of its safety features have remained intact.

    I had one issue where the retention pin for the trigger safety backed out, but that was an easy fix. James has been very helpful in answering any questions ive had – even questions that pertain to matters other than triggers! Excellent customer service from a man truly passionate about his craft.

    By with confidence and enjoy.

  17. Mark Timothy

    Great trigger, Great customer service, if i could give more than 5 stars i would. Excellent all around.

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