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Elite Combat Upgrade Pack


This kit takes your trigger group and upgrades it for maximum reliability in tough environments. With an upgraded striker spring to ignite primers under the harshest conditions, paired with marine spring cups that help keep the striker moving down the channel. Lastly, to help keep the trigger from being too stiff, a heavy trigger spring is added to counter the striker spring.


*not for Glock 43/43×/48 and will raise the weight of the trigger on a gen5, since the trigger spring is not compatible with the new style trigger spring in these models.**


If you remember the Elite Combat that we used to offer, then you know what this rough and tumble reliability upgrade pack is about. By adding a heavy duty striker spring that will make short work of hard primers, with a maritime style spring cup that has less chance of binding up in the striker channel, you get an increase in reliability that cannot be denied or underestimated if you use your pistol in harsh environments. The caveat to this, however, is that a heavier striker spring will yield a heavier trigger pull….but that is the genius of this setup, we include a trigger spring that matches the uprating of the striker spring exactly. The net result of this, a trigger that breaks at the same weight as before with the added reliability of a stronger acting striker.

Additional information

Elite Combat Upgrade Pack

Heavy duty striker spring, Heavy duty Trigger spring, Marine striker spring cups


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