Competition Spartan


Not yet available for the g43/48/43x/44

*** All triggers are built to order and have a lead time of 3-4 weeks ***

The wait is worth it for something this awesome!!!!!

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The Competition Spartan is simple. The Competition Spartan is effective. The Competition Spartan is worthy.

When you combine the action of the Excommunicado and the adjustable factory trigger shoe of the Combat Spartan, you get something that transcends the gap that exists between the ‘Gucci’ build and the ammo and training crowd. You get all the go and leaves the show where it really counts, on target.

These will break at the 3.5-4lb range. Reduced pre travel. Reduced overtravel. Extremely quick reset (the absolute best in the business!) Add the competition spring kit to reduce weight even farther. Watch the video below for a demonstration.


** All triggers must be installed by a competent gunsmith or Glock Armorer. All safety and function checks must be performed before putting weapon into service. TacticalPontoon will not be held liable for failure to follow instructions and incorrect installations. **



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Gen 1-3, Gen 4, Gen 5, P80, Nomad 9, Glock 43/43x/48


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