The Leonidas (Extremely Limited) Boogeyman Shoe

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King Leonidas bravely led his small force into battle against a massive force, facing almost certain doom in order to stand for what they believed in. This trigger system embraces this ideal, and in small numbers they will go out to face the world to prove that the Glock system can stand with the best in the world.

These are very limited, due to the amount of work each one takes, and there will be only so many built each month. The lead time is 6-8 weeks and may extend out farther. 9MM /.40/.357sig only. Not currently building for Large frame (.45/10mm)


  • No pretravel ( fine tuning is possible with adjustable travel stop )
  • No Overtravel (adjustable overtravel stop in the trigger block housing )
  • Lightning fast competition reset
  • 3.5lb break
  • Modified Boogeyman Excommunicado trigger shoe (The safety tab is modified to fit up against the frame like factory for maximum drop safety measures.)
  • A true custom system ( Tacticalpontoon modified and tuned trigger bar. Tacticalpontoon machined and modified, adjustable trigger block housing. Worked and polished trigger connector, chosen for quality break characteristics. )
  • All Glock safeties remain ( 1. Trigger blade safety is modified to fit up against the frame so there is no movement until your finger is activating the blade. 2. Vertical extension is contoured to not interface with the safety plunger until trigger is pressed to the break. 3. Drop safety ledge of trigger block housing is extended to allow the trigger bar cruciform to sit in a secure position until trigger is activated by you. )
  • This is not a simple drop in. Finish and final tuning will be required to guarantee full performance.
  • Get the matching Leonidas Mag Extension!!
  • Need an armorers plate for install? Don’t forget this for tuning

*All triggers need to be installed by a qualified gunsmith/Glock armorer. Tacticalpontoon will not be responsible for incorrect installation. All safety checks must be verified and tested after install. *



Will not be available for the 43/43x/48, Dagger or Lonewolf frames




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P80, Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen5, Nomad 9, Shadow Systems, Combat Armory, Zev OZ9

Color combination

Black w/gold safety, Black w/black safety, Black w/red safety, Black w/blue safety, FDE w/black safety, FDE w/gold safety, Red w/black safety

4 reviews for The Leonidas (Extremely Limited) Boogeyman Shoe

  1. Jason Leach

    This trigger pulls like a dream in my glock 19. It’s exactly as described above with 0 pretravel and 0 over travel. It sits at the wall with a crisp glass rod break. This trigger defines perfection and I will be using it in my future builds.
    The customer service was outstanding. I received the trigger almost two weeks earlier then the lead time given, all questions I reached out with were answered in minutes, James also sent a glock armorer’s slide plate to assist with the installation and was readily available to help anyway he can. I highly recommend Tactical pontoon if you’re looking for high-quality, next level products.

  2. kevin lin (verified owner)

    Really fell inlove with this trigger, super happy with this trigger. no pretravel, super crisp break and great customer service. Thank you, James for the great customer service, definitely will be hearing from me for my future builds!

  3. CF (verified owner)

    (The Leonidas w/ Boogeyman Shoe / Shadow systems XR920) I’d give this guy 10 stars if I could!
    Initially I was on the fence, because I run primarily JG stuff in my guns. I’ve heard about James (Tactical Pontoon) for a while from a few people whose opinion I trust as operational shooters, and finally decided to give him a chance. First, I cannot emphasize how solid his customer service is! Anyone who actually takes the time to answer the phone to talk about a product, and what sets it apart from the competition is rare these days. Just based on his interaction over the phone it was a no brainer, I was confident he could cure the ridiculously trashy junk trigger shadow systems put in their guns. James recommended the Leonidas based on my shooting and what I need performance wise out the gun. Nothing worth a shit is cheap and nothing with this kind of attention to detail is quick to turn around, so the wait and price point were definitely exceeded by the product delivered. That thing is seriously ridiculous, dropped it in an XR920 soaked up about a quarter turn of over travel and ran 250 rounds through it with no other adjustment needed. I can’t overstate how amazing that thing feels, literally ZERO pre travel it’s on the damn wall instantly period, amazing crisp break, over travel none!!!, and he is not ^%$# around about the fastest reset on the market, the most aggressive and impressive I’ve felt on a striker fired gun. James is not only a true professional, he is literally a mad scientist when it comes to triggers. I have to admit his system and geometry outperforms my JG comp stuff. James definitely doesn’t stand in anyone’s shadow; He’s setting the damn standard!!!!
    If you’re dead serious about how a trigger feels and reacts to input James is the guy to go to without a doubt.
    Tactical Pontoon, you have a customer for life…

  4. Sean Souvanavethi (verified owner)

    I purchased a king Leonidas system and I honestly couldn’t be happier. This is my first purchase from Tactical Pontoon and definitely won’t be my last.
    This is exactly how/ what a glock trigger should be and feel. Zero pretravel, clean crisp break, audible reset and always at the wall after the short reset ready to go, (per Leonidas). And still no sacrifice to the safeties.

    – Customer service is excellent! Every and any question I had was answered promptly.

    – Accurate shipping/ lead times.

    You’ve done your due diligence and there’s nothing left to decide besides which shoe and system you want. Add to cart and complete order. Get you a Tactical Pontoon trigger system. You won’t regret it.

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