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The Combat Spartan is a lean and mean trigger system that maintains all factory components while dialing up the action to 11!

The factory trigger shoe is retained, but designed to snug up to the frame and eliminate a majority of the factory takeup. Enough is left into the system to still be considered a duty trigger, without having that disconnected that the factory trigger leaves you with.

A tuned and polished trigger bar, the same used in the flagship EMV3 Phalanx system, is mated to a factory dot connector that gives the best of both worlds. Known for a lighter, yet still positive break, the dot connector is polished to a high shine.

Last, but not least, the trigger block housing is given an overtravel stop, which prevents wasted movement after the break, allowing a quicker follow up shot. (43/43×/48 will not have this)

The Combat Spartan gives you all that you want in a trigger system for a dedicated defensive weapon, without any of the Gucci that you don’t need.

These are setup for 9mm, however, if you need something else, use the contact form below to speak about other calibers.

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All trigger systems are to be installed by a gunsmith/Glock armorer. TacticalPontoon will not be responsible for incorrect installations. All function and safety checks must be accomplished before weapon is put into service. See installation and safety section. 

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Gen3, Gen4, Gen5, 43/43×/48


Factory shoe (non ridged) with travel reduction, tuned trigger bar, dot connector, overtravel trigger block housing, factory rated trigger spring

1 review for Combat Spartan Trigger system

  1. Steven (verified owner)

    Awesome trigger with a crisp, clean break. Would definitely recommend it. Huge improvement over the factory gen 5 trigger that is already pretty good.

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