Pontoonize Your Trigger

Did you find the perfect trigger already, but want to get in on the action that TacticalPontoon can bring to your weapon? Did you purchase a trigger and it turned out to be less than advertised and instead of going through the agony of selling it, you want to see if we can turn it into something worthy without purchasing a whole new setup? 

You are in luck, we can take your trigger system in, evaluate it and send it through our enhancement program.


*Note, the TacticalPontoon Elite Marksman is known for very little pre-travel, however not all trigger shoe designs allow for this. The safety blade 'Dingus' may be too short or in a bad location to modify past a certain point. Needless to say, we will work to reduce it as much as possible, but without extensive redesign, it is just not possible to meet the mark that we get with our signature shoe, the Long Ranger.*

Install and safety information here

**Trigger shoes will not be refinished, so if they already have battle scars, those battle scars will remain. If parts are badly worn additional charges may apply to get them up to spec.**