The single stack polymer wonder is blessed with a trigger system that is a little different from what we are used to. When this gun came out, the trigger was extremely stiff, with a bit less takeup than it's larger brethren (before the gen 5 came along). After multiple complaints, a factory minus (-) was phased into production, which brought back the creep, but dropped the trigger weight to an acceptable 5lbs.

The Elite Marksman V2 is here to help tame the Glock 43,43X,48 and SS80. With an awesome reduction in pretravel and a crisp trigger break that gives you the confidence that the factory setup lacks. Featuring the Ranger Proof Swag Long Ranger shoe in the color of your choice, a polished and trued up trigger bar and a highly polished, reprofiled connector, the Elite Marksman V2 gives you a top notch option for an astounding price that cannot be beat!

These are built to order and currently have a 4 week lead time.

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Preproduction Overwatch TAC trigger shoe. White on trigger is masking tape used to mark trigger travel and will not be present on production models. lol