Elite Marksman v2

Bullets Should Travel, Not Your Trigger

Adjustable over-travel stop and pre-travel reduction trigger design. Short, positive reset for faster follow up shots.

Tear Down That Wall

Instead of slamming into a wall and causing you to shift aim before firing, glide right into the break for consistency.

Function Meets Style

Get the benefits of a flat trigger and the color scheme to match your build, no matter how outlandish it might be. Need a custom color? Ask us, we can get you covered.

Elite Marksman v2

After searching for the perfect trigger, I could not find it. Going through all of the standard upgrades and buying multiple trigger systems from other sources, I was left feeling there had to be better. The Elite Marksman is the culmination of a great search and many experiments to create a trigger package that was worthy of my own builds. 

  • This trigger system is a competition and gunfighter oriented system. The design of this cutting edge trigger is meant for those who want the best and accept that some tuning is required to get the most out of their weapon. Professional and knowledgeable install is required.
  • Ranger Proof Swag Long Ranger trigger shoe- Action oriented trigger shoe, available in a wide variety of color combinations.
  • Tuned and highly polished trigger bar- The backbone to any great trigger system revolves around the trigger bar. With an eye on all working surfaces, friction is reduced to keep the system smooth and consistent.
  • Adjustable over-travel stop- After the trigger breaks, it can be tuned to stop any wasted movement, making the trigger ready to move to reset quicker!
  • High performance connector- Instead of the same old '3.5' connector that the rest of the big names use, in order to get the action that you desire, I use a true race designed unit.

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